Violent Protest Around the Nation Leads to City Officials Desperate for Peace

Legislators are trying to subdue from violent protests, by setting up regulations, and asking for help from the military.


Natasha Kaimakis, Reporter

After the death of 46-year-old George Floyd, enraged Americans took to the streets to protest for the Black Lives Matter movement, highlighting the divide between demonstrators and the government. Floyd’s death at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers has sparked protests and riots in all 50 states, according to CNN. Demonstrators are demanding both justices for Floyd and an end to police brutality against African Americans. These demonstrations, which started on March 30, are still going strong today, June 4.

In some major cities, these protests have escalated from nonviolent marches to barbarous assaults. Many activists and police officers have been brutalized, further dividing the two groups. There have been burned materials, injuries, and jail time, according to NBC. Police officers have used pepper, spray, flash grenades, tear gas, rubber bullets, and more. While many protests are peaceful, they have sorted to looting, burning cars and building, and fireworks. 

“Here in Seattle, demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails at cars and buildings causing multiple fires,” said Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. “Some threw fireworks into peaceful crowds.”

In Hempstead, New York, more than 47 police vehicles have been burned down, according to CNBC. But this is not just in the Big Apple, major protests are in Chicago, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Washington. Protests are all over King County, including Bellevue, Cal Anderson Park, the Federal Courthouse, and Westlake Center. Furthermore, there are Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Spain, Germany, England, and New Zealand. 

Throughout these cities, officials are trying to bring back the peace, in numerous ways. In Seattle, Mayor Durkan announced a city-wide curfew. This was announced on Saturday, May 30, and still happening on June 3. They announced that residents must stay indoors from 5 pm-5 am. Since Monday, the curfew has been set later and later. Curfews have also been in Bellevue and Mercer Island. They announced this curfew on a variety of news sources.  

In many cities, mayors have relied on the military and the National Guard for protection. In Los Angeles, major Eric Garcetti has authorized 1,000 troops to help protect the city. 23 states including Washington, ordered the Nation Guard for backup. According to CNN, more than 17,000 members of the National Guard are helping local law enforcement.  

In downtowns across the countries, stores have boarded up their windows to help minimize looting. When protests broke out on May 30, the majority of Seattle stores were looted. Almost every store in the radius, besides Nike, had broken windows, and empty shelves. Bellevue Mall was also broken into. These damages are estimated to cost millions. 

Cities across the United States are protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement. Many cities have been victims of destruction, causing city officials to set up regulations.