Kicking Off the School Year in Prayer


Andre Laze reads the Gospel

Lucy McNulty, Reporter

On Sunday, September 27, the Brave community gathered via zoom, YouTube, and some in person at our grotto for our first prayer service. 

The Come Holy Spirit prayer service hosted by Ms. Rachel Longest, was a candlelight service intended to welcome the start of the new school year. Ms. Longest welcomed us all to the all to the quiet service and invited is to pray with

Mr. Chris Grasseschi began the service with “Prayer” by John O’Donohue. The gospel reading was beautifully said by freshman Andre Laze.

Isaac Stevens reflected on the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic. He spoke about his  challenges during the pandemic and the strange new life he has had to adjust to. He explained that he could not have gotten through the pandemic without the support of his friends and family. Isaac’s reflection relates to every person dealing with an adjusted lifestyle.

Ms. Manon Cypher read the Prayers of The Faithful. She sent her prayers to the Church, The Bishop Blanchet Community, every person impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic, an end to racism and those who are marginalized, a solution to climate change, and for concealed emotions and prayers.

Following the Prayers of the Faithful, Ms. Rachel McGovern quoted mystic and poet Caryll Houselander’s “The Reed of God” about light. She then invited all who gathered to light a candle. All who joined to pray had a chance to reflect on what a candle is like and how it relates to God. 

Finally, Ms. Longest closed out the Prayer Service. The Prayer Service offered everyone a chance to reflect on the beginning of the school year and notice that nobody is in these unprecedented times alone. It offered a chance to connect with the community and be thankful for those that we have.