Seniors experience the University of Spring Break

Danielle Jaculewicz, Reporter

As May 1st approaches Bishop Blanchet Seniors have been making their final efforts to explore college options before committing.

Over the past year American citizens and students have seamlessly adapted to a virtual way of living. This may be virtual school, work meetings, drivers ed, or even virtual college tours. Yet as the vaccine is being distributed to millions of Americans each day, campuses and travel opportunities are slowly opening up. Goodbye Hawaii…hello campus tours was the theme of Spring Break this year for many members of the class of 2021. 

Making a college decision becomes a huge commitment of time and money during Senior year to slingshot students into the future. With travel being highly disregarded throughout the last year the class of 2021 has had stifled time to explore different campuses around the country. With many brave Seniors looking to leave Washington, it is highly advantageous to be able to step foot on the campuses of their choice. 

Claire Bratrud briefly explained how she spent her break. 

“Since COVID has put restrictions on traveling,” said Bratrud, “ it has been difficult to see many of the colleges that I might want to attend next year. So over spring break my parents and I traveled to Cal Poly University, The University of Michigan, and The University of Wisconsin. I am a very visual person, so being able to see these schools in person helped me identify what I wanted in a school and where I felt most at home.” 

This last minute spring break college tour was not a trip unique to Bratrud. Elly Berger and Lauren Gurry also spent their break touring a college to help make her final decision before May 1st.

“I visited the University of Arizona because I had always been interested in attending,” said Berger yet COVID had canceled my opportunities to travel to Tucson. It felt so great to step foot on an actual college campus instead of taking part in a virtual tour. I was able to safely meet up with a student there and she could answer my questions one on one. It was such a relieving experience right before I choose to make my final college decision!”

Gurry had the same sort of experiences, but also took time to be a bit reflective. 

“After receiving the vaccine, said Gurry, “it has been amazing finally getting to be able to tour colleges. It has definitely been a hard year and as seniors we’ve missed out on a lot. Bur now that more of use have been able to be vaccinated, I’m looking forward to celebrating our class and can’t wait to have some of our senior memories.”

The college process has looked quite different for the class of 2021 as campuses were closed and standardized tests were canceled. Yet through all of the unexpected closures the Seniors have remained resilient and excited for their futures at different universities. The vaccine is injecting hope back into the veins of American citizens and students around the nation. This hope has carried BBHS seniors around the country to aid in making one of the biggest decisions in their lives thus far.