Spooky Season Stops by at Blanchet


Gracie Kindred

Juniors Becca Maw, Hi’ilei Leong and Brendon Manzano stand by their mummified CP’s door.

Gracie Kindred, Reporter

With rain and leaves falling, wind blowing and crisp weather starting up, spooky season has officially arrived along with our Halloween spirit. Halloween week and the festivities this year were as frightening as ever.

Halloween week’s schedule included telling scary stories, carving pumpkins, decorating our CP doors, Halloween trivia and best of all, dress up. Dress up included both Halloween colors and costumes.

Carved pumpkins are a classic Halloween tradition, and Bishop Blanchet did it justice. Senior Josephine Partridge took the win in this competition. Not only were there many incredible, detailed pumpkins sent in by the students but some classes had their own twist on the festivity too. Mrs. Armstrong’s chemistry class had a chemical reaction inside their pumpkin that made foam spew out of the carved out eyes, nose and mouth. Super spooky! The National Art Honor Society and Art Club participated as well. They used their extremely talented art skills to create some very cool, very detailed pumpkins.

There simply can’t be Halloween without costumes, so Thursday and Friday were dress up days! Thursday was Halloween colors and the halls were sprinkled with black, orange and purple. Friday was the day we could channel our inner trick-or-treater, Students dressed up as fish, jokers, angels, cats, characters from their favorite tv shows, and so much more.

And finally, CP door decorating! You could feel the Halloween spirit fly through the halls as you walked from door to door. From creepy mummies to jack-o-lanterns, students covered their CP doors with Halloween classics. Students in each class worked together to create their very own spooky masterpieces. Each class worked hard but Mrs. Armstrong’s class was victorious. 

Halloween week was most definitely a success this year. A big shout out to our ASB and Ms. Meaux for working hard and putting this together for us.