The Big Reveal


Mr. Chris Grasseschi

Student leaders from the junior and senior class celebrate our new moniker

Gracie Kindred, Reporter

Last Spring, Bishop Blanchet underwent a large change. A change to their name, their moniker. Months have passed as they have eagerly awaited this new beginning. 

Students, teachers, and the Blanchet community have energetically awaited this big news. The anticipation in the air was unlike ever before. Students were constantly hearing rumors, guesses, and predictions of what the new moniker could be. Along with teasers and hints from the BBHS instagram, most recently a post of an eye and that ignited even more fire to the guessing game. Some of those guesses included the Broncos, Bald Eagles, Bulls and even the Bumble Bees. 

On January 26, Bishop Blanchet revealed their new moniker. Students went to their CP classes to hear the news. At approximately 9:55, a sealed gift box was brought into each classroom and a video was played as President Antonio DeSapio spoke over the intercom. Students and teachers cheered with excitement as they watched an incredible video to discover the news. Bishop Blanchet is officially the Bishop Blanchet Bears!

The student Moniker Engagement Committee, the Moniker Advisory Committee, and the student Legacy Council worked diligently to decide their new moniker, their new identity. The decision involved 500 unique names. The main requirements for the new moniker had to fall under were that it needed to start with the letter “B”, needed to be an animal, needed to be unique from peer high schools and needed to connect to the Pacific NorthWest. These committees felt it was vital to hear the student body’s voices and opinions, and they did just that.

Bears was the No. 1 student suggestion and the No. 1 suggestion across all other stakeholder groups, making it the leading moniker suggestion overall by a wide margin.” said President Antonio DeSapio

The celebration of the new moniker was outstanding. As each CP opened their gift boxes, each was filled with shirts, stickers, flags and fun bear snacks. Students wore their new bear shirts with pride and participated in many activities. Students signed posters to remember this historic change, pictures were taken, and Root ‘Bear’ Floats were enjoyed. Bishop Blanchet gathered in the quad and sang their fight song. As they sang, in a sea of green and gold, they proudly raised their new Bear flag.