Life on the Diamond

Gracie Kindred and Isabela Cobley

Softball and baseball are not for everyone. People often say it’s too slow, boring, and long. To us, it is the complete opposite. We think it’s fast, interesting, and that it’s not long enough. Softball is always moving, always active, but it can often be overlooked by those who only see the “slowness”. You never know what will happen next and it is extremely exciting. Softball is a physical game, yes, but it is definitely a mental game as well. We constantly are faced with new competition, new plays, new pitchers we have to adapt to, and more. You always have to be ready for anything.

Our BBHS softball team is starting off the season strong. With eight games played, we have taken home eight wins, seven of which have been run rules, or mercy ruled them. That means we beat a team by over 10 runs, and in softball/baseball, that is a lot. Placing third in Metro’s last season, the team of 14 girls is looking to build behind dominant pitching and heavy hitters in the lineup. They are strong contenders for Metro League Champions with competitors being Roosevelt, Ballard and Holy Names. We have high hopes of making a run into the state championship this year.

We both start for our softball team here at Blanchet. Isabela the second baseman and I am the catcher. Both of these are not our main positions but we do our best to play them as if they were our primary positions. Both are the infield positions, so we are right up front, close to the action. Our positions are very different but we both have to be quick and prepared for anything. And if girls are on base, it only intensifies. Ground balls which vary in speed, fly balls, line drives, bunts; we have to be prepared to react to anything in a split second. 

We are both at the top of the lineup. Gracie is batting leadoff as a slapper and switching to the right-side for power. For those who don’t know, a “slapper” is a left-handed hitter who is also very fast. Slappers use their speed and agility to put a lot of pressure on the defense. Gracie is a switch hitter as well, on the right side of the plate, she has already gotten two grand slams so far this season. Isabela bats third in the lineup, currently hitting lights out. Overall the teams batting average is incredibly high with five hitting over .500. Gracie and I are hitting over .600, along with junior Ella Yerkes. With only seven games played the team has racked up a whopping 134 runs and only allowed eight runs total from opposition. 

Our head coach, the great Ms. O, has been coaching for over 25 years. Here at Blanchet she teaches P.E. and team sports. When that 2:30 bell rings at the end of the school day, the teacher is out, and the softball coach is in. You cannot get in the way of Ms. O driving her school bus down Green Lake Way to Lower Woodland. Ms. O is the team’s strongest advocate, and she believes there could be true greatness in the team. She sees the hardwork and effort in every practice, she continues to see the improvement and bonding within the team. And she loves every minute of coaching.

Each of us softball players have our own superstitions that we swear by. If this superstition is not performed correctly before a game, it could lead to bad things during the game or a loss. Such superstitions include throwing with the same person each gameday, wearing your hair a certain way, and never stepping on the chalk line before the game. But some superstitions can be quite weird. One of Isabela’s superstitions is eating a beef stick before every at bat, otherwise she will get out. This began during the Ingraham game when Isabela went 4 for 4, while eating a beef stick before every at bat. Since that game, Isabela does not eat a beef stick before she hits, she gets out. This has been proven in fact, during the game vs Interlake the snack box ran out of beef sticks and she went up to bat and was hit in the head by the pitch. Superstition is a huge part of the game and players swear by it no matter how ridiculous the superstition may be.

Softball is definitely not the sport for everyone, but it is often overlooked by many in our community. Softball is a championship sport here at Blanchet and has a rich history with Ms.O’s leadership on the team. This year the team has immense chemistry and it is only growing. Currently on a winning streak (knock on wood), the team has high hopes for state this year. If you haven’t gone out to support the softball team, we very much encourage you to come watch. We would love to have you come see us in action!