Grasseschi Rides Into Sunset


As the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, so does Mr. Grasseschi’s time at Blanchet. Working as the English department chair, a yearbook moderator, and Senior class moderator, Grasseschi has done it all. He has been an important part of the Blanchet community for the past 22 years, and gets to ride off into the sunset after years of planning classes, grading, and being at school early. 

After being a teacher for 39 years and working here for 22, Mr. Grasseschi is walking through the retirement doors. After a long and rewarding career at Bishop Blanchet, from being a Brave to a Bear, and watching excellent students grow up and graduate, his time to step down has come. Grasseschi has known all year that it would be his last, but that doesn’t make it any less bittersweet to say goodbye to somewhere he feels so strongly about. 

In the final year, Grasseschi taught senior AP Literature, English 12, and Journalism. Grasseschi’s students loved him for his wit and funny jokes, while also balancing an important mixture of challenge and grit.

“Mr. Grassesschi is an amazing teacher and I will miss seeing him around the halls next year,” said journalism student Julia Egtvet.

Egtvet loved journalism so much, she is taking it again next year! It definitely won’t be the same without Grasseschi as the teacher.

“I learned a lot from Mr. Grasseschi this year, he was one of my favorite teachers and I am sad to see him leave,” said journalism student Gracie Kindred.

Kindred is also taking journalism next year.

“I’m so glad that I got to have Grasseschi as a teacher, especially as a junior in such a fun class. There were always lots of jokes and fun times in class, and he will be missed at this school,” said journalism student Maura Mansker. 

History teacher Brett Hecko, found just across campus from Grasseschi’s, room spoke highly of Grasseschi in his time teaching with him. Hecko is extremely happy for him to move onto the next stage of his life, while a little bit jealous. He thought back on the comfort of Grasseschi being in the English wing.

 “It’s the little things you don’t realize until they are gone,” said Hecko, talking about how walking by Grasseschis room on his way around the school, the faint Beatles music spilling into the halls. Comfort is one word that Hecko used to describe Grasseschi’s presence in the Blanchet community. He even compared him to Linus’s blanket from Peanuts, “comfortable,” in a way that only Grasseschi could be on his wing.

“He is a good man, who will be missed,” said Hecko. 

After years of structure, Mr. Grasseschi finally gets to kick back and relax.

“I have no plans whatsoever,” said Grasseschi. He hopes that he will be able to read more and go visit his siblings in California. When reflecting on his years at Blanchet, Grasseschi shared that, “It always kinda felt like I was meant to be here.” 

While we will miss him next year, we are glad he will get to relax and spend time with his family and friends. The English department, yearbook staff and the whole Bishop Blanchet community  are so grateful for all he’s done, and will miss him taking on roles as a member of the staff.