Blanchet Teachers Make the Most of Summer 2022


Cheyanne Hicks

McGill Is So Excited To Have You In Class

Cheyanne Hicks, Reporter

Whether it was spending peaceful time outdoors, testing out new looks, or traveling with loved ones, the Blanchet Faculty had very eventful times during the summer of 2022.

Mr. Carlson, one of the newer and amazing theology instructors at Blanchet, spent his summer with his fiancé planning out his wedding and trying new restaurants. He also spent a few of his summer weekends camping and enjoying the fresh air outside with his fiancé at campgrounds near Mount Rainier and Mount Baker. Mr. Carlson, the “midwest city boy” born in Chicago, had never been camping before but he had a fantastic first time at Bedal Campground in the Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest. 

Physical Education instructor and Track and Field coach, Mr. Walker, also known as Coach Walk, spent a little bit of the end of his summer preparing for picture day. On the first day of school, and at the student orientation, many may have noticed Walker’s new look– no beard, and a very funky fresh mustache. This summer, Walker decided to start fresh on the beard and grow out his beautiful mustache in preparation for the 2022-2023 yearbook photos. No beard and improved staches seem to be in this fall, as many Bears are following in his steps to “let the stache run wild a little bit.” 

Mr. McGill, a very energetic and high-spirited teacher in the history department, spent a lot of time with his “Lovely Linda,” traveling to cool places over the country. McGill and his wife visited many of their nieces and nephews, along with a few cousins, in Colorado and Montana. Although Mr. McGill missed his students after the last school year ended, he was also very glad to get a good long break and recharge before the year started. Many students are so glad to see him in classes this year, and the feeling is mutual. McGill is so hyped to get to know his new students and hopes his classes will always be eventful.

The teachers of the Blanchet community spent this summer making the most of being away from the stressful moments at work and with students. Now that they are back, they are ready to bring those amazing summer moments to the classroom. The Blanchet Bears should get ready for what our teachers have in store for the classroom for the 2022-2023 school year.