Bears Abuzz Over New Signage


Gracie Kindred, Editor

Bishop Blanchet has undergone various different remodels this summer. Students, teachers and staff are loving it! 

This year the Bears came back to school to see some new improvements. A new cafe, new murals, new quad, new bathrooms, lots of new! The one and only Ms. Byrnes said, “You’re gonna see a lot of bears, a lot of green, and a lot of yellow.”

When you walk through the halls of Bishop Blanchet you will most definitely see, like Ms. Byrnes said, more bears, more green and more yellow. Blanchet continues to have the same family based, loving community as always but there’s something new. There’s no doubt that the new mascot has brought the BBHS community even closer than it already was, who would’ve thought that was even possible? The air seems better, students seem happier, vibes are off the charts good. Everyone is really clicking into their bear spirit and it shows, in the best way possible.


The cafeteria has quite a new addition. This is most definitely a favorite of the students. Instead of your run of the mill grab and go, we now have The Hive. The bold greens, especially the new forest green, bears holding BBHS flags, paw prints, and “The Hive ”posted everywhere on the walls is a cool new site to the cafe. It is very well done and represents Blanchet’s new mascot extremely well. Now, full disclosure, inside it’s more or less the same. However with the new name and the new artwork makes it a whole different experience. Getting your food, latte, drinks or your snack is so much more fun and exciting now. Students get to grab their lunch in full bear spirit!


Redone last year but there continue to be a few touch ups over the summer. “It is looking as gorgeous as can be” said Vice Principal of Student Activities, Mr. Bocian. It is a beautiful part of Bishop Blanchet’s campus. The quad also includes Mary’s Grotto. The Grotto holds a lovely statue of Mary and baby Jesus. Theology classes often circle around and say the Lord’s Prayer, what they are grateful for, and what they are praying for. It’s a wonderful way to pray with your peers, get outside, and connect with God.


New Bear murals are seen all over our school. Across the hive, the spirit store, in the athletic complex, by the locker rooms, etc. Bishop Blanchet is with no doubt exemplifying the Bears now! Each piece is extremely well done, students and teachers pass them with pride. 


Out with the old tables, old chairs and in with the couches and new furniture! Many students sit in this area during lunch but before there weren’t many seating options, now, there’s more than enough. Want to relax? Conversate? Get homework done? You can do it all in the lounge. The new couches and tables are not being ignored by the students. Each time you walk through the hallway, it’s doubtful that you won’t find students taking advantage of it.


New bathrooms! The biggest update to Bishop Blanchet over the summer. A lot of construction went about to bring the students of BBHS gender neutral bathrooms. These bathrooms are very nice and very well done. With multiple stalls that are very private, with floor to ceiling doors. With no doors to the hallway all students can come and go as they please. These bathrooms are nicely lit, nicely kept, and nicely done.

The Bishop Blanchet community got to come back from summer break to some new works. And they are loving each and every one of them. But overall, being the Bears is the best part. With the unveiling of their new mascot, Mr. Bocian simply put “This is an exciting time for Bishop Blanchet and I’m just excited to have the Bears back”. With it still being the first year of being the bears, Bishop Blanchet has accepted their new identity with great pride and with great spirit Go Bears!