Bears on the Rise to Internet Fame


Tammy Marx

Sofia McGinnis and Taryn Darr rock “Supersonic” at the Homecoming rally.

Sydney Janik, Reporter

As the illustrious week of Hollywood Homecoming came to a close, the Bears were in for a big surprise. The iconic “Supersonic” dance featuring many memorable members of the Blanchet staff recently reached over 13 million views on TikTok, and the video was even reposted by ESPN on TikTok as well as the artist of the “Supersonic” song. 

The star of the show, drama director Taryn Darr, had some thoughts to share on the video that went viral. “It was insane, it was just absolute insanity,” she said. She also said, “It was posted Saturday morning and my phone died three times that day.” This goes to show just how much traction the video gained in a single day, and that attention only grew from then on. Taryn Darr also went on to add how she gained over 600 followers on Instagram from the video. Ms. Darr also addressed a few comments, that said, ‘Oh she waited her whole life for this,’ to which she commented, “Like, I’ve been doing this my whole life.” The amount of attention on multiple social media platforms has sent the community into a frenzy, the sheer amount of views is nearly incomprehensible coming from a small community such as Bishop Blanchet.

Sofia McGinnis, the cheerleader who performed with Taryn Darr, also chimed in on the “Supersonic” video, “I found out right after the game, so it was pretty late at night so my first reaction was very much confusion. Because this is just a random tradition at Blanchet that we do almost every year so there’s no reason it should be blowing up this much”. She also talked about what it was like to work with Taryn Darr, “It was pretty good, she is already a choreographer so I knew she would be able to get two eight counts down pretty well. I taught her the initial dance before the auditions for the fall play. I ended up having to change it because my dance ended up being too similar to some of the other dances. But she was able to pick it up really quickly, so overall a good experience.”

The student body has also had an interesting reaction to the whole ordeal. Many students are confused, shocked, and even amazed at the success of the video. Senior Abbey Williams gave her take “I think it’s weird,” she said. She went on to talk about how strange it was for something from our school to blow up, “I guess you see it happening in other places but you never see it happening to you. You see things like that happening in New York but not here”.

The impact that a single viral video has had on the community goes to show just how important Blanchet’s sense of community is. Alumni have been reaching out, talking about it, and sharing the video on multiple social media sites. In such a tight-knit community, when big things happen, everyone is involved in some way and everyone has their own unique part to play. There isn’t a true reason that our beloved “Supersonic” tradition went viral other than the algorithm boosting something heartfelt and feel-good. And after this unbelievable experience, the tradition will continue to be a staple of the Blanchet community.