“A Quiet Place” Silences Audiences

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“A Quiet Place” Silences Audiences

Cole Thomas and Samantha Zink

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Sound may be deadly, but theaters showing A Quiet Place were filled with the screams of movie goers. John Krasinski took his talents to the director’s seat and delivers with a unique twist on the horror genre in a film that has taken the world by storm this spring.

The movie takes place in the year 2020, when creatures who hunt with extraordinary hearing are taking down the human race. The movie surrounds a family living in the country trying to survive with the constant attack from the creatures.

“It is such a new interesting concept,” said senior Emma Facer. “When a director is able to have actors communicate without words makes it such a better performance.”

The whole movie was based in silence, as they actos spoke through ASL (American Sign Language) therefore the theatre was quiet for the majority of the time. The movie would flim in and out of the deaf daughters perspective of silence, which gave an eerie atmosphere to the audience.

“It was confounding,” said Mr. Robert Bergin. “They way the actors were able to tell the story without much sound or words. Really incredible.”

The movie, taking place a year after the opening scene, takes place over single day and night. It takes the audience through a day trying to defend against the creatures and survive, while at the end of the night, too much sound draws the creatures in for the kill.

“The aliens or whatever they are called were really cool,” said junior Jerrod Ranta. “They reminded me of the alien from Alien.”

The movie was able to produce the horrifying creatures through animation and the ideas from John Krasinski. He wanted to provide the audience with a feeling of predator take over, a feeling of something like a parasite.

John Krasinski wrote and directed A Quiet Place and starred in the film alongside his wife Emily Blunt. Together they worked together to make this film one of a kind.

A Quiet Place appeals to several movie critics, whether that is a thrill seeking crowd or  those looking for a good jump scare, it has all that and more. A Quiet Place gives audiences a perspective unlike any other of its kind, and the concept of Krasinski’s film will be one that Hollywood will attempt to imitate, but never duplicate.