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  • May 13
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The student news site of Bishop Blanchet High School.

The Miter

The student news site of Bishop Blanchet High School.

The Miter

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    Spooky Season

    Miter Reporter Ru Jemaneh Offers Her Thoughts on a Seasonal Tradition

    Have you ever wondered why we carve pumpkins to make jack-o-lanterns for halloween?

    According to Fox News, it started off as an ancient Irish tradition that they then brought to America.The name Jack-o’lantern came from a man named “Stingy Jack” who was an old, drunk, miserable man. He liked to play tricks with people; one of his targets was the devil. He tricked him twice into giving him more years into his life. When it was time for Jack to officially die he was rejected from both Hell and Heaven. Before he was rejected from Hell the devil gave him a coal from Hell that stays lit forever. Jack then put it in a hollowed out turnip and carried it wandering around Earth stuck between Heaven and Hell.

    It then became a tradition brought by the Celtics who were a big population during ancient European times, usually they have been derived from Britain or Ireland. They would carve scary faces on pumpkins and turnips to scare away Jack and other evil spirits. So, next time you carve a pumpkin, remember this story and how sharing cultures and traditions with people can be a way to connect each other, making it last through many generations. 

    “I have a tradition of always carving pumpkins on Halloween Eve with my friends, while watching scary movies,” said sophomore Ellery Jones.

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    Check this website out for a step by step instruction of how to prep, cut, and light your pumpkin: 

    “My go to face when carving pumpkins is pointy teeth and triangle eyes,” said sophomore Annika Keadle.

    In honor of it being fall not only do we carve pumpkins for halloween but, we also eat them. There are many food and/or drink places that offer seasonal pumpkin inspired or flavored items. One of the most popular one’s being Starbucks they offer items like a chai latte with pumpkin spice cold foam, pumpkin latte, pumpkin cream cheese muffin and many more. At Dairy Queen they have a pumpkin pie blizzard, and at Krispy Kreme they got pumpkin flavored donuts. 


    “I love the Chai with the pumpkin cold foam from starbucks, it’s the best fall drink,” said sophomore Amen Kassa 

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    About the Contributor
    Rudas Jemaneh
    Rudas Jemaneh, Reporter
    Rudas Jemaneh, a sophomore at Bishop Blanchet, joins The Miter as a first-year reporter. She gets her news from several social media outlets and people she interacts with. Occasionally, she also watches KIRO 7, KING 5, and CNN. Rudas is a great observer and listener, which is crucial to reporting.  This year, Rudas is exploring her interests and trying new things to find out what she really enjoys. She is planning to join flag football, track and field, Ski and Snowboard club, and various other school clubs. Outside of school she enjoys listening to music, reading, watching TV shows and hanging out with friends. She is focused on getting her license and a job this winter, so she can take her brother and friends out to places.  This year Rudas is looking forward to learning all about what it means to be a reporter, and explore photography as well. She hopes to find stories that bring the community together.

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