Inside the Wardrobe of the Eras Tour

Inside the Wardrobe of the Eras Tour

Catherine Herber

On March 17th, 2023, Taylor Swift kicked off the highly anticipated Eras Tour in Glendale, Arizona. The Eras Tour is different from any other tour Swift has created. In the music industry, it is extremely common for tours to support the album that the artist most recently released. In November 2017, Swift released her sixth studio album, reputation, which was followed by the Reputation Stadium Tour; a seventh month tour beginning in May of 2018 which was the highest grossing concert in United States history. However, after not touring for her albums Lover (2019), Folklore (2020), and Evermore (2020) due the pandemic, Swift kicked off her Era’s Tour in 2023. The Eras Tour is unlike any other tour Swift has embarked on. Instead of supporting one singular album, Swift takes the audience on a journey through her ten albums, with the finale highlighting her most recent album, Midnights (2022). 


One aspect that makes the Eras Tour specifically unique is the wardrobe and sets. As Swift traverses through each of her ten albums throughout the show, she revisits each era with countless costume changes and set designs- which naturally align with each album palette. Outfits were inspired by previous performances, music videos, and other aesthetics Swift embraced. Each era that Swift showcases on the tour has one to three different outfits, in which each outfit has two or more variations. 

Swift kicks off the show to an assortment of songs from her album Lover. Swift appears onstage wearing a shimmering bodysuit, which is later accompanied with a sparkly blazer for her hit single, “The Man.” Following the Lover set, Swift reappears skipping down the stage in a gold fringed dress, which kicks off the Fearless set. After the Fearless portion, the stage transforms into a forest signifying the transition into the Evermore set. Swift emerges in gown and cape and performs five songs, including “Champagne Problems” performed on a moss-covered piano.

The next act begins as snake visuals appear; signifying the beginning of the Reputation set. Swift appears in an black sparkly asymmetrical bodysuit with red snake detailing. The Reputation aesthetic includes dark colors, sparkles and snakes; which Swifts’ and the dancer’s wardrobe clearly reveals. As the Reputation act comes to a close, the snake visual that appeared at the beginning of the act slithers away. As the snake slides away, the stage becomes surrounded by purple fog, symbolizing the start of the Speak Now era. Swift then appears on stage wearing a majestic ball gown. Following the short one-song set of the Speak Now act, the stage changes and flashes Red, which signifies the beginning of the Red act. Swift reappears on stage singing “22” while wearing a look-alike outfit from the official music video; a white t-shirt with lyrics and black shorts. Swifts’ T-shirt has four variations, as of now, which contain words referring to the song lyrics or other references from the Red era. Swift then quick-changes into a dark red and black sparkly romper for the remainder of the set. However, for her renowned single, “All Too Well (Ten Minute Version)”, she slips on a long sparkly red coat to conclude the set. 

Swift then slips away for the next quick-change as the stage transforms into a lush forest with a rustic log cabin. The log cabin resembles the same cabin Swift performed with for her performance at the 63rd Grammy Awards back in 2021. Swift then emerges through fog and begins the Folklore act on the roof of the log cabin. Swift is dressed in an intricate flowy gown. As of now, the gown has four different color variations; light lavender, cream, blush pink, and olive green. After six songs, the Folklore act comes to a close and the stage backdrop transforms into a bright neon skyline. Swift then reappears wearing a vibrant frilly beaded skirt set to kick off the 1989 act. After performing her five hit singles from the album, Swift transitions into a more intimate part of the show- the Surprise Song section. In this part of the show, it’s a moment where it’s just Taylor and the audience singing two songs that didn’t make it into the final setlist of the Tour. Swift slips on a long dress before singing one song acoustically on the guitar and on the piano. The unique thing about this section is that whichever surprise songs Swift plays, she will not play again on tour, unless she messes up the song or if the song is from her most recent album, Midnights. 

The finale begins as Swift reappears onstage wearing a glittery T-shirt dress with a lavender fur coat. As of now, the sparkly dress has six different color variations; sapphire blue, rose pink, periwinkle purple, lilac purple, and nude pink. Swift begins the Midnights set with her lead single, “Lavender Haze.” Swift then removes the coat to sing her hit songs, “Anti-Hero” and “Midnight Rain.” Next, Swift undergoes an onstage costume change where she appears in a beaded midnight blue bodysuit. After six songs, Swift throws on a metallic tried on fringe jacket and concludes the show with her hit song, “Karma” with colorful confetti bursting throughout the stadium and fireworks 

The Eras’ Tour is truly unlike any other tour Swift has embarked on. Swift brings the audience on an exciting journey as she travels through her ten albums and other pinnacle moments of her career. Swift beautifully executes each albums’ aesthetic with the fantastic sets, lighting and production, and of course the wardrobe. The Eras’ tour will go down in the history books as not only a fan favorite, but also a record breaking tour. Try to catch her when she’s here in Seattle, as she’ll be the first tour in history to sell out two shows at Lumen Field on a single tour.