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  • May 13
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The student news site of Bishop Blanchet High School.

The Miter

The student news site of Bishop Blanchet High School.

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Clear the Halls, Frosh!


Although some hate to admit it, we’ve all been an awkward and confused freshman at some point in our lives. This time can be hard for most, but it’s important to realize it’s not as hard as it seems when you know the general conscientiousness of the upperclassmen. Of course there’s the stereotypical “Don’t talk over the teacher!” and “Turn in your work!”; but freshman, I’m here to let you in on what you really need to know to survive high school. 

First and foremost, the rules of the hallway might be the biggest area of misunderstanding. “For some odd reason, the freshmen tend to have the audacity to stand in the middle of the hallway”, shares Senior Nadia Kostecka. 

Rather than standing in places with constant flow and are necessary to get to class, such as in front of staircases and doorways, have your conversations against lockers or in the quad. Think of it like driving; when lots of cars are coming your way, you pull over to the side and get out of the way. 

Second, let’s talk about lines. Imagine you’re having a rough morning and you feel stressed out, tired, and are in dire need of just a nice coffee and snack from the hive. While waiting in this long line, a large group of people cut in front of you. Would this make your day even worse? If the answer is yes (or even if it isn’t), then don’t do this to other people! 

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“They should have to wait in line just like the rest of us!”, junior Millie Kannier exclaims. There needs to be a level of awareness and conscience that you should not completely take someone’s spot. 

Overall, it’s important to realize that as a freshman you are at the bottom of the system. You’ll eventually move up and get to the top, but for now stay humble and respect your elders. “Nine times out of ten if you’re a freshman and you are respectful and nice, upperclassmen will love you” , says senior Gio Pisano. It’s important to build bonds with upperclassmen because they can help you and instead of having the reputation as an “annoying freshmen”, you are changing their perspective.

This goes to say if courtesy is given, it will be handed right back.

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Zoe Palliser
Zoe Palliser, Reporter
Zoe Palliser, a senior, begins her journalism career at the Miter. At Blanchet, Zoe participates in golf and lacrosse and is a co-president of the ski and snowboarding club. This year, Zoe is thrilled to be able to retell the great wins of Blanchet athletic teams and document all the fun and exciting things that happen in everyday life as a Blanchet student.

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