TSA Mask Mandate Lifted


Luke Galloway, Reporter

Over the last few months, commercial airlines and transportation hubs in airports have stopped requiring masks but, now as of May 3rd, the country-wide mask mandate for air travel has been lifted. In a court ruling (decision effective immediately) TSA ruled not to enforce Security Directives and Emergency Amendment requiring masks for all means of public transportation through TSA. This hearing was yet another step towards achieving the norm we used to take for granted but, those who are still compelled to wear a mask are very understandable as the COVID-19 virus is still out there.

Now that the country has lifted mask mandates in every aspect of the country (although can still be enforced by businesses) it is now time for our country to figure out how we can live under the new normal. There are still going to be people who are uncomfortable without a mask or have a specific situation at home that requires them to wear a mask, but as a country, we are one step closer to beating this pandemic, may we never forget those who lost their lives during this hard time. Ever since the spike in COVID-19 cases by way of the omicron variant in early January where there were nearly 800,000 new cases the covid numbers have gone down hard. It’s great to see America get past that speedbump on the path to recovery as there have been less than 80,000 new cases recorded since then. Although Washington state was the last state to lift its mask mandate statewide, they are now a part of the agreement made by TSA to stop requiring masks for all public transportation. As we continue to move forward as a country it is important to still be smart about social distancing if you feel any covid symptoms so that we may get back to normal society. 

There isn’t much to this announcement except the clear message which is masks no longer being required in public transportation. So as a country this is great news, it will make air travel more comfortable and normal. All in all, this court ruling by TSA is going to do great things for Americans in all forms of transportation and is yet another great step for our country.


Image Courtesy of Creative Commons