Class of 2021 is in Good Hands

The Sophomore class recently elected their student council members for next year.

Max Klauser, Reporter

After a week of campaigning, Bishop Blanchet has voted on their student council for next year. The class of 2021 elected Enya Pooler, Patrick Kane, Tyler Korman, Rowan Rathbun, and Mae Skokan to serve as their class cabinet in the 2020 school year after lots of thought. Kane and Rathbun are going to serve their class for the third consecutive year. The cabinet is already planning for their class next year.

“I want to continue seeing spirit and enthusiasm throughout the school and in assemblies.” said Pooler, “I also want to see us get closer as a class.”

The class has a strong spirit as they won the spirit award this year. The class accepted the award from the seniors, who passed it down to the Sophomores after Tradition Week. The class of 2021 had an energy that week like no other.

“I want to be more enthusiastic at assemblies,” said Korman, “and go out of my way to get everyone involved. I’m excited to help our class in any way possible and make next year the best year so far.”

The council members are already looking forward to next year and serving their class. A large focus for all of them is their plan to continue their high spirits in assemblies.

“As a cabinet,” said Kane, “our main focus for next year is to improve our class spirit and positivity. We will do this by focusing on increasing class-wide participation and spreading inclusiveness through our actions.”

The class of 2021 is in good hands with their recently elected council members. The cabinet looks forward to next year and cares about what happens with their class. They expect to have a great junior year.