Include Flex Days in Our Future

Isabela Cobley, Reporter

Flex days were a part of our everyday COVID-19 learning experience on Zoom last year, shortening the standard five day learning week by giving students the day off on Wednesday. Going back to fully in-person learning, the school administration has reduced our flex days to a few per semester. I believe it is vital to keep these extra days off to help students recover from a heavy workload and busy personal lives outside of school.


When asked in an Instagram short answer response question, Bishop Blanchet students responded with what they are able to accomplish during these flex days. Here are some of the elicited student responses: “More sleep, more time for homework, for exercise, and for mental health.” -Junior Brynn Chester. “I am able to catch up on work, talk to teachers and get a good amount of sleep which sets me up for a better next few days. I can also complete personal and family tasks.” -Junior Audrey Hamilton. “Study to feel more prepared for tests after not having lots of time due to practice.” -Sophomore Emma Pampino. 


Not only did these students respond with a short answer, but with a poll as well, and the results were predictably one-sided. Out of eighty-seven students who responded to the poll, ninety-seven percent responded that they believed we should have more flex days at Blanchet.

Not only do flex days help students catch up on sleep, homework and improve mental health, but there are additional benefits for the school such as reduction in financial cost. Katherine Bradley of the Seattle PI reports, “If facilities are used only four days per week instead of five, there is a significant reduction in utility costs to the system.” 

And not only do flex days lower financial cost, but a four-day schoolweek leads to higher academic achievements and improvements. Bradley continues, “Oakridge School District Superintendent Don Kordosky reported that test scores improved after his system in Oregon implemented the four-day school week. Also, Peach County in Fort Valley, Ga., has seen a gradual increase in its graduation rate since adopting the new school week.”

With this new evidence from our student body, as well as successes in other school districts, I think it would do our student body and faculty well to continue these flex days as there are many benefits to the four-day schoolweek.