Trump calls out to racist supporters saying “Stop it.”

The Editorial Voice of The Miter

The Editorial Voice of The Miter

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As the United States settles down after this past election cycle, many citizens are still shocked about the results. Regardless of the feelings about them, though, our President-elect is now Donald Trump. Many qualms with President Trump’s position has to do with his meteoric rise to the position and his partially racist and sexist followings.

In his first interview post-election, Mr. Trump addressed his supporters who have recently participated in bigoted attacks.

“Stop it,” said Trump in his interview with “60 Minutes”. “If it helps, I will say this, and I will say it right to the camera: ‘Stop it.’

Although Mr. Trump directly addressed intolerant and violent followers, This paper has a difficult time understanding how Trump’s words will realistically cease the outbursts of hatred occurring in the country, from both Trump supporters and Clinton supporters.

Trump is being hypocritical. If he really wants supporters to stop being violent, then he should stop inciting violence. In not speaking out against the aggressive supporters for his campaign, Trump is inherently supporting their beliefs. In another way, we rejoice in the fact that Trump is finally speaking out against violence.

Perhaps this shows that the President-Elect is very focused on being a president for all Americans, as his post-electron rhetoric has asserted. Of course,  he didn’t chastise these voters during his campaign. That would have lost a large amount of votes.

Now that he stands on the mantle of power, Trump is using his position to attempt to reunite Americans.

Time will tell the true result of Trump’s attempts to end racist movements in America, so until then we can only wait and hope that violent actions will stop in our country.

Movements like Black Lives Matter will continue to advocate for those in society who are continuously mistreated.

For now, this paper urges its readers to to not only demand the best from its representatives, but also of ourselves.  Let us not be caught in the vitriol of the day; Braves must recognize the best in all people, even those whose words are filled with hate.