Consider joining the Dance Team

Maria Denning , Reporter

The dance team at Blanchet is involved in competitions and performs within the Bishop Blanchet community as well as in regional, district, and state competitions.

The Bishop Blanchet dance team is a club that is open to all Blanchet students. The club works to promote school spirit, artistic expression, and inclusivity.

Along with artistic aspects, the club also strives to provide its members with new opportunities and excellence in their academic lifestyle.

“One of the goals of the club is to highlight the students talents and interests,” said member Harmona Yared, “while also creating a space where people can have fun together. I think the dance team really creates a strong bond between the members and has good intentions”.

The members within the club try to be positive role models to peers and the Blanchet community. The students work to grow and be leaders in their environment.

“Dance team is an important part of my life and helps me have something outside of class,” said Gianne Aguas.

The Bishop Blanchet dance team performs at school assemblies, athletic team games, local community events, and is also involved in regional, district, and state dance competitions. Recently the team participated in a competition that took place at Kentridge.

The club meets twice a week and practices together around Blanchet or at local studios. As inclusive and welcoming the club is, in order to make the dance team students have to try out. Overall, all the clubs encourage individual success and allow students to grow in different aspects.