You are going to be hearing about Layton Greene


Katie Okane, reporter

Layton Greene has the unique ability to turn her adverse experiences into powerful music that speaks to others.

Layton Greene is a new artist who has gained popularity through her moving story and powerful lyrics. Greene’s mom always wanted to be a famous musician and unrelentingly fought for her goals. Unfortunately, she fell short of her dreams due to her bipolar disorder and drug addiction. Her dreams and desires to produce music fell on her daughter Layton.

“Layton Greene is proof that you can turn a test into a testimony,” said Go Moxie, a website that introduces new artists to students.

Layton tried out for X Factor and America’s Got Talent and was rejected by both. Her determination for success lead her to preserve through her failures and learn from them. With her and her mom’s love of music, she wasn’t going to let a few setbacks stop her.

“I always felt I was destined for this,” said Greene.

She attracted interest from music labels when she did a remix of “Roll in Peace” that had 3.5 million plays on Sound Cloud and landed in the top 15 billboards in the hot R&B song charts. She focuses on writing songs that embody real life experiences that people can relate to.

“I get real vulnerable on it,” said Greene.

Greene signed with Quality Control Capitol Records in February 2019. She is working on her album EP that will contain seven songs.

“Layton promises EP doesn’t shy away from real life; her struggles and her triumphs,” said Go Moxie.

Her album “Tell Ya Story” has seven songs that are in the R&B\Soul genre. She has a variety of songs on this album from slow to upbeat. Her music aligns with the popular standards of today’s top hits. She tells meaningful stories that people can sing along to and think to themselves “I totally know how she feels”.

She has songs perfect for any mood. Some make me want to get up and dance and others are perfect for a slow drive home in the dark. She is a good singer with a great range of vocals. She gives off a bit of an Ariana Grande vibe with her soulful yet powerful tone. Layton Greene is an up and coming artist with a bright future due to her already successful first album and unrelenting drive for greatness.