Fall Sports Kick Off New Season

Volleyball and soccer athletes look forward to competitions


Sam Meade

Volleyball defeats Nathan Hale 25-2 in first set.

Maura Mansker, Journalist

As school starts this year, the beginning of fall sports follows along, a season athletes have been waiting for, one with back to normal standards, similar to the fall seasons of 2019.

Two fall sports have had tough circumstances in the last year. Without a normal fall season in 2020 due to the pandemic, girls soccer and volleyball had to replace their regular season with a few short months of masks, cut off playoffs, and limited team bonding. All grades of athletes look forward to competing this season, and show their excitement with their performance in the beginning of their seasons. Varsity volleyball continues to excel with a record of 3-1, and varsity soccer holds a record of 0-2, with one tie. Varsity volleyball contains three teams, JVC, JV, and varsity, and soccer has two teams, JV and varsity. 

JV underclassmen in both sports look forward to the season just as much as varsity. 

“I look forward to coming together as a team and facing Seattle Prep and Roosevelt this season,” said Keira Blair, JV soccer freshman. 

Lulu Zinsmeyer, JV volleyball sophomore, closely echoes Keira’s statement, saying, “I am looking forward to team bonding, having fans in the gym, and beating Prep.” 

Morgan Mooney, sole freshman on the Varsity soccer team, says, “I am looking forward to getting to know the team and having a real high school soccer experience.”

Mooney’s teammates are extremely supportive of her, and what she brings to the team. 

Allie Holloman, junior, states, “She is fearless and puts out lots of effort on the field.”

Reflecting on the last “fall” season, athletes were thrown into an irregular season of playing. The rushed and extremely short season to look back on gets student athletes even more excited to go back to a normal feeling in the world of high school sports. The high of being cheered on by classmates and fans while playing a rival or having a great game is a feeling athletes will be able to get back this year. 

The lost seasons of 2020-2021 will keep student athletes grateful for the season in process, as well as the seasons to come.

Varsity volleyball will play in the Glacier Peak Tournament on September 25, and all three teams will play Holy Names Academy on Monday, September 27. Both soccer teams will be playing Ballard High School on September 23.