Blanchet Fans Return to the Stands

Paulina Prechtel and Isabela Cobley

After 18 months, Bishop Blanchet played its first football game open to the faculty and student body since 2019.

The Blanchet atmosphere has undergone many changes throughout the past year, one of the biggest being the change of our moniker. While many students and faculty are excited for this transition to come, others are taking more time to get accustomed, including the football team themselves.

“Not having the Braves name will be hard to adjust to but we are looking forward to a strong season,” says Varsity football player, Jackson Enquist.

Some differences while not using the Braves Moniker this year is not yelling “Braves” at the end of the National Anthem played before every game. But for the team, not using the Moniker has not been an issue with past team traditions.

“Typically, when we break it down, we break down on ‘family’, not on ‘Braves’ anyway. And so other than the national anthem the transition has been smooth and the kids are excited to have a new mascot,” says Varsity Football Head Coach Dominic Salle.

The Bishop Blanchet football team played the Woodinville Falcons at Pop Keeney Field last Friday, almost clinching a win 28-26. The student section was going wild in their blackout themed outfits and helping out the cheerleaders cheering the team on!

“I’m excited that we can actually come watch the game in person and cheer on the football team,” says senior student Sofia Vivas.

Although undergoing several changes, one thing remaining the same is the Blanchet spirit in us all.