Seniors Rep their Schools on College Decision Day

Ellie Schober

This week, on Tuesday May 1st, was the much anticipated decision day, on which the majority of seniors across the country will finally commit to a college.

Here at Blanchet, many seniors celebrated the start of May by wearing some gear from their future university. The class of 2018 also gathered in the quad for a celebratory photo in the middle of the day.

“It was very interesting to see where all the seniors are going next year,” said junior Sadie Kenny.  

Senior Zoe Langley happened to be wearing a Harvard sweatshirt even though she plans on attending The University of Portland in the fall.

“I felt like everyone was checking out my sweatshirt all day,” said Langley.

Despite May 1st being the definitive day that seniors must decide on a school, a few seniors have found a way around coming to a college conclusion by putting deposits down at a few schools. Ella Dipietro even began the day in a University of Washington t-shirt and changed into a University of Michigan one.

“I just needed a little more time deciding,” said Natalie Medved, who has deposits down at Cal Poly and The University of Oregon.

Siena Jarrett is still debating between schools as well, so she simply sported a sweatshirt that simply said “college”.

No matter what the seniors plans are after graduation, the sunny, photo-filled time in the quad was enjoyable.