2022 Class Cabinet Votes Are In

Freshmen vote almost the same cabinet in as last year, with the exception of two new members. Will they bring some new ideas to the table?

Julia Stander, Reporter

The class of 2022 at Bishop Blanchet Class cabinet winners were Erin Mulligan, Cole Mason, Timmy Oishi, William Hunt, and Owen Duffy. Gearing up for their sophomore year, they are expecting to make some changes to how things are run and to hopefully improve student life at Bishop Blanchet for their peers.

Out of the eight people that ran, five were elected, using campaign videos. One girl was elected this year, Erin Mulligan, which is a change from last year, where the class cabinet was dominated by boys. Another new face is Owen Duffy. Oishi, Hunt, and Mason are all returners from last year’s class cabinet.

“Next year when I’m on the sophomore class cabinet I plan to help organize dances that everyone actually wants to go to. I want to make our dances better for every different type of person in our class, so they are worth everyone’s money,” says Erin Mulligan. “I also want to get my class more involved in school spirit during our spirit weeks by making sure everyone volunteers for activities, dresses up and cheers the rest of our class on!”

The other new member of the cabinet, Owen Duffy, says “I’m planning to improve our school community by including everyone in tradition week, as well as other school activities, and trying to hear everyone’s opinions.”

The soon to be sophomores are very excited for hopefully their best year in high school yet- where they will actively try to involve their classmates and make their experience at Bishop Blanchet even better.