JV Girls Basketball Team Continues to Protect their Undefeated Season

The JV girls basketball team attributes their so far undefeated season to their unbreakable bond as a team. 

Katie O'Kane, Reporter

The JV girls basketball team is off to an incredible start by winning every one of their league games, which puts them first overall in the Metro League standings. Two of the biggest reasons for this success are the support of their coach and their strong bond as a team. 

The players can only speak highly of their coach. 

He’s proud of us but always give us things we can work on,” said Freshman Ella Yerkes,  “which we try to do in practice and in the next games.”

When the team is playing well, he congratulates them but also gives them things to work on so they can improve even more. 

The bond the team has make them look as if they have played together for years. They trust each other and are able to communicate openly on and off the court. They have such great chemistry even though they have only been together for a few weeks. 

“We are straight ballers PERIOD,” said Yerkes, “also our support for each other and our coach’s great positive coaching causes to play well together and strictly take dubs,” said the players. 

The JV girls hope to continue their undefeated season in their away game this Friday, January 17, against Cleveland at Cleveland High School.