JVC boys finish season with a swish

Freshmen boys basketball season

Abigail Orse , Reporter

The JVC boys basketball team finished the season strong, winning twelve games and losing one.

The boys season was filled with hard work and determination. From practicing and playing games six days a week, the team was constantly working hard. Along with their hard work, the team was very determined to play well together and win. As a result of this, the team finished their season 12-1 and improved greatly from their first to last game of the season.

“ Our team worked hard every single day,” said Freshman Tony Alan. “We were always working to improve and I am very proud of my team and our strong season. Although we lost to O’Dea, and am still very impressed with my team”.

The JVC boys finished the season first in their league and many of the players continue to play next season. Most of the twelve boys look forward to playing on the JV and Varsity teams in the previous years.

“ Most of my teammates plan on trying out next season” said Graham Knowles, “I look forward to playing with them in the future and I think it is very helpful for our next season that we have all played together, and that we all work well together”.

Along with the team’s great skills, their connections and bonds also contributed to their strong season. Without their close-knit relationships and their ability to trust each other, they would not have had such a remarkable season.

Although the Braves season is over, they have three more years to play on the court. Hopefully the boys future season will go as great as their JVC one.