Students And Teachers Prepare for Fall Kairos


K. Christensen

Senior Kairos leaders get Chipotle before retreat.

Ely Ponti, Miter Reporter

The beginning of Kairos season is coming up in the first week of November. Seniors are getting ready for a three night, four day retreat, near Stanwood, Washington at a retreat center called Warm Beach. Teachers Ms. Kelli Christensen, Ms. Morgan Roe, and Ms. Robyn Murphy have taken part in the process of planning Kairos since June. To prepare, they have selected student leaders and have had meetings every week for the last two months. The meetings consist of leaders talking and connecting with one another on a deeper level. 

“Meeting every week, you learn something new from each person,”said Danawit Gebreyesus, “you realize that you never know what happens behind closed doors and it’s important to be kind to everyone around you.”

On the retreat, students are split into groups, usually without their friends, giving the opportunity to bond with classmates. From past years, the experience is known to be enlightening, fulfilling, and impactful because classmates develop a deeper relationship with God and one another. 

“Kairos gives students and teachers time to step back from the hectic responsibilities and stresses of everyday life,” said Kelli Chirstensen,”to reflect on themselves and their relationships with others and with God.” 

While Kairos is popular in the Blanchet community, not very many people know what takes place during the retreat. The activities that happen at Kairos are secret for students who haven’t gone, and that’s what makes the experience so special.