Tradition Week or Foreign Language Week?

Maggie Kruzner, Reporter

Flash back 50 years from now and in the halls of Bishop Blanchet students were still bustling around excited for a fun week of school-wide competitions we now know as Tradition Week.

Back then, instead of competing in competitions as a class the school sectioned off into groups based on the language they took. Mrs. Lynn Burns, the Business Office Assistant, recalls Foreign Language Week gladly.

“The languages were Latin, Spanish, French, German, and Russian. Students of each language formed teams and competed against each other during the week and at the final assembly,” said Burns.

Despite the differences in teams, Tradition Week and Foreign Language week instill the same values in students. The idea behind all-school assemblies and giant games of tug-of-war is not sheer competitiveness. The goal is to bond the Brave community together through fun activities that will create unforgettable memories.